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This is a space for me to share and reflect on my journey as a Kindergarten teacher. I am most passionate about play, inquiry and technology. I believe that relationships matter and that they are the key to success in the classroom.

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  • Toontastic App Is Now FREE

    Google has acquired one of my favorite storytelling apps and it is now FREE (was $9.99)  If you don’t already own this app grab it and get those kids creating. Listed below are a few posts I have made previously about the app and you can read about the announcement here. 
    Toontastic and MLK
    Toontastic App 101
    Toontastic Storytelling..

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  • Online Reader QR Code Center!

    I recently shared two sets of 50 Online Readers for young kids (here and here) and Jeannine Freeman shared with me this amazing resource with QR codes that link to many of the books. She was gracious enough to allow me to share it here. You can connect with her on Twitter @TechTimeWithJ9 or on her website
    Find the..

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  • Another 50 Online Readers (with audio)

    Here is another 50 readers from Unite For Literacy (find the first 50 here)
    They work on the iPad, read to the kids, and are available in various languages.
    Set 2 click here or click on the picture below

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  • Top 14 Nature Pictures of 2014

    If you didn’t already know one of my main hobbies is photography. I am especially interested in nature and wildlife photography and thought I would share some of my favorites from this past year. If you enjoy photography I would love for you to follow my photography Facebook Page and Instagram account. I you are interested..

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  • 50 Online Early Readers (with audio)

    I found an awesome website that has over 100 early readers with audio! The site is Unite For Literacy and I took the first 50 of the books and created a Symbaloo webmix for my class. The best part is these books work on the iPad as well! I will make another webmix of 50 more books soon.

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