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This is a space for me to share and reflect on my journey as a Kindergarten teacher. I am most passionate about play, inquiry and technology. I believe that relationships matter and that they are the key to success in the classroom.

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  • KWL Journals with @Wonderopolis

    If you follow my blog you know that I use this site every day in my class. This year we added KWL journals the second semester and it was a big hit! I recently posted about this addition over at We Are Teacher… Read about it here 

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  • If you can read this…

    I love this, had to share
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  • SymbalooEDU: Easily Organize All Your Websites

    I have posted in the past about how I use Symbaloo to organize the websites my class visits and I wanted to updated that post as some of the features on SymbalooEDU have changed. The video below will walk you through that process as well as highlight some of the basic steps in getting started..

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  • Tell About This App 101 Video

    The latest App 101 video covers the basics of using Tell About This. If you want to see a list of all my App 101 videos click here.


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  • Great Apps To Introduce Coding to Young Kids

    This is cross-posted at the We Are Teachers Blog
    If your class is like mine, the kids are always talking about playing video games! Rather than discouraging that interest, I want to harness it to encourage a higher level of thinking in my class. That is exactly what happens when kids explore coding. I love watching..

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