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10 Great Math Apps for Young Children

 10 more apps I have enjoyed using in my class…

 iSequences- $2.99:  Around 100 different sequences to work on. Options to place images in order (show below) or to have kids pick image that comes next. Scenarios are all great for kids and I can see this being valuable for kids with special needs as social stories. I also plan to use this app for storytelling. This is a great way to practice beg/middle/end when writing.


Top-It McGraw Hill- $1.99 : Great app for practicing addition. Love that it is an app that requires two kids to work together. They are given two cards and have o add their cards together. Then they pick which side has more or if they are the same (tie). Also like that it show the more than/ less than symbol.


 Montessori Math 100 Board- $2.99: Great practice for counting and identifying numbers. Kids place numbers in order from 1 to 100. Each time they place a number it tells them the number. Options to show the numbers on the board or remove it. Also options for even or odd numbers only.


Counting Board- FREE: Very simple app but fun to use as interactive 100 board. I have used during small group many times.


 TallyTots- $2.99  Perfect for counting practice. Numbers 1-20 and each time they pick a number it practices the counting sequence. Every number also has some sort of interactive to keep the kids interested.


 Hungry Guppy-$3.99 : I use this app for introduction to addition up to 5. You can pick to use dots, numbers or a mixture. The kids have to build (add) the pieces together to make the number the fish will eat. For higher numbers try Hungry Fish app.


 Monkey Math- $0.99 : Covers basics of math. number ID, counting, sets, number sequence and basic addition. Lacks settings to control learning targets but the graphics are great.


Park Math HD- $1.99 : Covers the of Kindergarten math including counting, number ID, basic addition, basic subtraction, sorting largest-smallest etc


Tens Frame – $1.99 : A virtual tens frame. Options for 5, 10 or 20 frames. Simple app but a great way to spice up counting or adding.


Teaching Table- $2.99 : This app has many great possibilities but it takes a little time to set up. Basically it is like a white board that you can set up activities. So far I have only set up addition and counting activities. I like that I can have kids work independently and they get instant feedback on their answers. Would love to use for word problems but there is not an option to record voice yet, hopefully that will be added. Overall it is easy to set up and use.



I have many more app suggestions on my blog. Check the App Category on my blog here.


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  1. Thanks Matt! My resolution for school is to utilize my iPad more and this is perfect!!

  2. Tracy says:

    Do you have any math app suggestions for a 5th grader?

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