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$20 iPad App Setup

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I recently posted my suggestion for a $10 iPad setup (look HERE) This is a follow-up post with my recommendations for a $20 setup.

Here is the $20 setup I would use for my Kindergarten class (most would work for K-2 classes)…

StoryBuddy 2 – $6.99 This app is $5 more than the book making app I suggested in the $10 setup but I feel it is the best app I have used for making books. Sample lessons HERE and HERE

Touch and Write $2.99 – Great fine motor app that helps with letter formation, letter ID and even sight words. Kids love because the get to pick what they write with (ketchup, pudding, shaving cream etc) More info HERE

Toca Tea Party- $1.99  A virtual tea party. This is the first app I let the kids play when introducing the iPad. Great for social skills, vocabulary and practice collaborating. Any of the Toca apps would work like band, tailor, kitchen ,hair salon, robot.

Felt Board $2.99  LOVE this app. Sample Lessons herehere, and here

Teach Me Kindergarten – $1.99 (Could be replaced with Pre-k, 1st or 2nd grade versions) This app covers many of the basics. It has great options to customize the content

Math Magic- $.99  App for practicing math. Sample lesson here

Alien Buddies $.99  This app works on the basics (shapes, colors, numbers, letters) I have used it a lot for kids that need more support in the class. Fun way to practice .

Sound Sorting– $.99 Great app for beginning sounds

Here are free apps that I feel are worthwhile.

Rocket Speller FREE I use mainly for letter ID but the kids do pick up basic spelling as they play. Class favorite!

Skitch– FREE  Amazing app! We use a lot for labeling pictures. Sample Here

Educreations– FREE  White board app that records screen and voice. Uses are unlimited. Sample lesson here

Toontastic- FREE  My favorite storytelling app. Sample lesson here. You only get basic characters and backgrounds but it is still valuable. The $10 everything package is well worth it once you start using. So many great character and backgrounds and they are always adding more.

Sock Puppets FREE  The app itself is free but the ability to save the finished project was an in app purchase ($.99) when I first got it. Not sure if that has changed.  More info here

Daisy the Dino- Free  Introduces the very basics of programming to kids. My class loves this app

ABCmouse Zoo– FREE  All the apps are free but I like the three zoo sets the best. More apps here

Rover App FREE  This app allows flash to work on your iPad. The app is not perfect but overall I find it very useful

Doodle Buddy FREE  Drawing app

Alpha Tracing– FREE There are better apps for fine motor (look here) but this free one is a good start

ABC Magic Apps FREE Many great apps, I use several of them

Many of the paid apps that I have I got for free. Apps go on sale or are reduced to free very often. If you are on twitter check out @TCEA and the #iosedapp hashtag.

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