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2012: What a Great Year

Going to step back from my usual posts to share about my family. The last few years I have posted the top 10 pictures of the year and last year I started posting a video of the highlights. You can see the 2011 video HERE.  My favorite pics of the past two years are here-> 2011 and 2010

Here are 60 clips, all 3 seconds long of the past year…

My top 10 pictures of 2012…

#1- Only a few hours after the last day of school we were all on the beach in Destin and headed to Disney. This picture is actually from Pensacola on the return trip back. The waves were a little rough for us to swim but that didn’t stop them from having fun. I was glad the boys got to see some real waves and experience the power of the ocean.


#2- Speaking of Disney, it was a wonderful trip. The best part was my sister Amber got to join us for a few days. The boys love their Aunt and we all had a magical time.


#3- Bram started tackle football this year and I was crazy enough to coach the team. The Wolverines had a great year and ended up making it to the championship game after a rough start. I am proud that Bram was a tough quarteback and improved each week.


#4- Field Day! One of the parents took this and I love it. I have such a great time teaching and field day is one of my favorite days.


#5- Some of my best memories as a kid are from camping and I hope that the times our family has camping is just as special for the boys. Mud, exploring, nature, tents, fires, fishing, hiking, sleeping bags and of course s’mores.


#6- Baseball was a big part of the our year with both Bram and Gage playing. They played many games in our driveway that always led to laughter, fighting or both. Exactly what brothers should be doing every day.


#7- The photographer in me picked this one. I love the light and I think it shows the fascination Gage had as the horse went by. He has always been a cowboy at heart and this picture makes me smile.


#8- Checking out the garden and my Grandma’s house. I spent many hours working and playing in this garden as a kid while visiting my Grandma. This picture reminds me of those special times. I am glad my boys have been able to spend some time with my Grandma as well as exploring the garden.


#9- EdcampDallas!  I helped organize a second edcamp in Texas and it was a huge success. I left so inspired and excited to improve my teaching.  Lunch with this crew was a blast. @paulrwood @8amber8 @ipadsammy @jessica_branch @akbusybee @mkingpd @tbbrwn

Photo 2 (1)

#10- Vegas! I spent a few days this past summer at a Kindergarten conference and had a blast. Around 10 of my favorite people on twitter were also there and we spent a lot of time learning and sharing. The Bellagio buffet was amazing and I got to enjoy the water fountain with @happycampergirl and @JonFines.


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  1. Matt, love the pics. Thanks so much for sharing. Here’s to 10 more great ones in 2013.

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