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$25 DVD Player as a Listening Center

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The first question I am sure many people will have is WHY would I use a DVD player for my listening center. It all started when my old CD player died this week. I went to several electronics stores and was not able to find a cheap CD player that had a place to plug in headphones. Apparently that feature is not standard anymore. That led me to come up with another option… the DVD player. The main reasons I decided to use a DVD player are: 1. they can play audio CD’s 2. they are cheap  3. they are small 4. I don’t need speakers, actually I prefer not to have them. Speakers take up space and when the kids accidentally (or on purpose) unplug the headphones my class is blasted with the audio.

Here is what you need to make this happen (images below):

A cheap DVD Player (with composite output): I was able to find one $25-$30 at every electronics store. My understanding is all DVD players can play CD’s. Make sure the DVD player has composite output. The cheapest ones should have this and it will say on the box.

Adaptor: you will need a “RCA audio to 3.5 female” adaptor. I ordered this one on Amazon and will update the post when it arrives. Another option is to visit Radio Shack or Fry’s and see what they might have. I used some connectors I already had (yes I am a geek)

That is all! If you are curious about the headphones I use look here. The headphone splitter I use can be found here.

This is what the adaptor looks like…


The back of the DVD player needs to have composite output. Often called RCA or Red/White cables…


3 Responses to $25 DVD Player as a Listening Center

  1. Julie Seidens says:

    What a GREAT idea! I’m sure it’s much more durable than those cd players!!!! I’ve started using old mp3 players in my room. I can set it to the story I want it to read and all they have to do is press play. The only issue I have is they sometimes turn the dial and change what they’re playing, but it’s an easy fix!

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Julie I was real close to going the mp3 route but sticking with the CD’s was easier for now. I need to get all the CD’s burned and then maybe next time I will try the mp3.

  2. Brenda says:

    Wow! i briefly wondered at one point about whether a DVD player would work as a CD player but never investigated it. Thanks for sharing all the components. I may try this in my class as I have a cheap DVD player just sitting around!

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