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33 Great Apps for Storytelling and Creativity


2013 Update…

Here are the main apps I suggest for storytelling. Some of them are actual bookmaking apps, some are apps for creating stories in various ways and others are apps I would use to help kids plan out a story. I have listed them in the order of importance for my classroom. I think the first 10 on the list are a must have for all elementary classrooms.

Educreations FREE- (example HERE and HERE) There is also a web version of this tool

StoryBuddy 2 $4.99- (example HERE and HERE)

Explain Everything $2.99- (example HERE and HERE and HERE

Toontastic FREE*- (example HERE and HERE)

Feltboard $2.99- (examples HERE and HERE and HERE)

Skitch FREE- for labeling (example HERE and HERE) There is also a web version of this tool

Popplet $4.99- (example HERE and HERE) There is a “lite” version of the app and is also web based

Tellagami– FREE- Much like Voki but in app form.

Write About This $3.99- creates prompts for kids and reads the prompt to them

Haiku Deck FREE- easy way to create a presentation (example HERE)

Doodlecast Pro $3.99 (example HERE) FYI: Everything this app offers Explain Everything can also cover

Sock Puppets FREE* (post with examples HERE)

Puppet Pals

My Story 

ShowMe – Similar to Educreations

Book Creator

Kid In Story $6.99- Allows you to “cut out” a child from a picture and insert into a story. Great for social stories

Collins Big Cat Book Apps FREE– They have many different ebooks and they all have a retell option at the end of the story

Little Bird Tales (post with examples HERE, examples from web tool but app is similar)

Draw and Tell

Strip Designer

Toontastic Jr



Doceri another option similar to Educreations


Pic Play Post




Story Dice

Superhero HD


14 Responses to 33 Great Apps for Storytelling and Creativity

  1. Don’t forget 30hands Mobile! We put iterative creativity into digital storytelling :)

  2. any good android ones? Just got a Nexus…would love some ideas

  3. Michel says:

    Thank you for this valuable sharing

  4. Socrative short answer is great for viewing student sentences. Teacher could ask “What do you think Gatsby would say about the sequester”…or “Describe your bedroom in two sentences”

  5. Amanda Slack says:

    We are doing some training on digital story telling when we go back to school. Here are some others; TellPic, Fold-Flip, Scribble My Story, Tom & Ben Talking News, Sparkle Fish, Super Duper Story Maker, Feltz Lite, Domo Animate (website), KerPoof (Website), voki, Blabberize (website)

  6. Barb says:

    These are great. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Alissa says:

    Today I stumbled upon a very simple story book creator called “Cookie Book Creator” … I’m not completely sure what “cookie” means, but maybe it has something to do with being small. It doesn’t have any instructions so there is a small learning curve, but somehow I think my students will figure it out faster than it took me ^^; For some reason it was the easist of all story book creation apps that I tested out today. You can take a photo/use a photo/draw a picture/add a small amount of text (which is perfect for Kindergarten students) and record audio for each page. You can reposition items on the page/make them smaller or bigger. Then you can email your creation. The only problem is that it was too easy to delete a story (or maybe that is just my skill when it comes to technology). It seems the creator is a professor from a university in South Korea that specializes in early childhood education, so that might be why it felt appropriate for young learners. An added bonus is that it is free.

  8. james lee says:

    I would recommend Book Writer which is easy and intuitive book authoring tool

  9. BoomWriter is a good collaborative environment that classes use to write books together.

  10. Jimmy says:

    I would recommend Glogster Edu: My kids really love Glogster Edu. It gives them the freedom and format to express themselves – they actually ask for homework!!

  11. Love Love Love the concept of infusing storytelling into learning! When you can connect the dots for learners via a story the retention is simply higher! Love your post and thanks for consolidating some great research and thoughts! I found your article on and I am glad I did!

    Kerri Simmons

  12. Amy says:

    Thank you for sharing this list. I’ve been looking for some good storytelling apps for my daughter and many of these sound perfect. She loves to be creative!

  13. Resolver says: is also a great place to reading writing stories in a social and collaborative way!

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