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50 Online Early Readers (with audio)

I found an awesome website that has over 100 early readers with audio! The site is Unite For Literacy and I took the first 50 of the books and created a Symbaloo webmix for my class. The best part is these books work on the iPad as well! I will make another webmix of 50 more books soon.

Find the Webmix here or click the picture below-> Unite For Literacy Books #1

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 4.55.09 PM

12 Responses to 50 Online Early Readers (with audio)

  1. I love how you can change the narration to so many different languages. What a gift to kids and families for whom English is not a first language! Thanks for the webmix, Matt!

  2. Becky Magnuson says:

    Thank you for sharing the new to me resource and the fabulous Symbaloo! Can’t wait to get it to my little ones.

  3. Linda yoder says:

    This is great ! I can’t wait to share this resource with my team. I am especially excited to share it with the Spanish teacher for our dual language classes. Also, it is a great resource for the many parents who speak only Spanish. Thanks!

  4. Nicole Sorensen says:

    Awesome!! Thank you so much for this great resource!!!

  5. Deb Farris says:

    This is an awesome resource! We need to have audio books for our kiddos!

  6. Michelle says:

    thank you! I cannot wait to share with my primary peers! Always value your sharing.

  7. ben says:

    well all i can say about this article is BIG THANK YOU man !!!!

  8. Martha Lackey says:

    Thanks Matt for sharing! Love the Spanish language for my bilingual class. do I get the webmix to all my kiddos iPads or do I simply use the website? I want to use the webmix in my Daily 5 Stations so that they can choose which books to read each week.

  9. Mindy T says:

    Thank you!! These will be awesome in my kindergarten, as a way of using our new Ipads…

  10. Ginny Tori says:

    Matt, I just returned from ISTE in Philadelphia. I am a Kindergarten teacher and work in the American School in Lima, Peru. I heard about you from a teacher on my way back to my hotel and immediately visited your blog. Thank you so much for making such incredible posts. I will be your follower for sure!

  11. Tricia S says:

    This is awesome that I can set this to use with English Language Learners!!! They can listen in Spanish and English!! Thanks for the resource!!

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