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Animal Research Project

I posted a few weeks back about a website called LittleBirdTales I planned to use for our animal research project. In that post I showed an example book and how I set up the site for my class (you can find it HERE)

I am happy to share the results from the project. I had 21 kindergarten students create a book. They all made three pages focusing on how the animal moved, what it eats, and how it protects itself. 

The only issues I found when using the site

– The students occasionally moving on before saving their work (so I modeled the steps daily) 

– We were not able to record audio for the pages. This was an issue on our network not the site itself

– I assigned the same password to all the kids in our grade. This caused issues for students  with the same name. Easy to fix next time.

I enjoyed using the site and plan to use it again in the future. 

Here are a few of the books the kids created…

Watch a completed project with audio here – My Elephant Research Project


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  1. Julie Musser says:

    Hi Matt,
    I found your post on Scoop it!. Thanks for sharing. I’ve checked out Little Bird Tales, but have never put in my plans. I see all the K-5 students in a rotation basis (every third day, approx. 500 students) and wondered if you would suggest using this web-based for K-2? I currently use Storybird as one of my web-based Storytelling tools for grades 3-5.

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