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Apps We Use in Kindergarten (update)



ToontasticFelt BoardLittle Bird TalesEducreationsSock PuppetsStoryBuddy 2My StoryPuppet Pals

**I have blogged about using Toontastic HERE, Little Bird Tales HERE, Sock Puppets HERE Felt Board HERE and StoryBuddy HERE


My PlayHome, Daisy The DinosaurToca Tea Party, Robot Lab, Where’s My Water,


Monster at the End of the BookDr Seuss ABC, Cat in The Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, Go Away Big Green Monster, Three Little Pigs

Apps for all areas:

Teach Me K, Feed Me, Jumpstart Pre, Pirate Phd, Princess Phd

Letter ID/Letter Sound:

Starfall ABC, Intro to Letters, Interactive Alphabet, Letter of the Day, Alphabetimals, Alphabet Tracing

Phonics/Word Work:

Rocket Speller, Alpha Writer, Spell Animals, Sound Sorting, Phonics Fun ( I use phonics fun 1-4), Letter Sounds, ABC Magic 5


Dinopedia, Plants HD, Pocket Zoo, Barefoot World Atlas, Stack the States


Intro to Math, Hungry Fish, Counting Board, Math Bingo, Pattern Recognition K, Math Magic, Let’s Make Shapes, Simple Sort


 iLuv Draw Animals, Garageband, Drawing Pad, MoMA Art Lab, Kid Art

11 Responses to Apps We Use in Kindergarten (update)

  1. Jen says:

    We use “Monkey Math” and the “Lakeshore Learning” apps are wonderful too.

  2. Frances Morrissey says:

    My kindergartners like: Little solver Preschool Logic, Little solver Figural Analogies, Lefsnap, doodlebuddy, Cimo Spelling, Story Buddy, Show Me, Dot to Dot Numbers and Letters, Rhyming Words by Alligator Apps, Crayola Lights Camera Color, Kids Doodle

  3. I love that you have listed these apps for your class! Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I’ve got many and have just decided to start using the iPad in my kinder class. What type of case/protection do you use for your iPad?

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Sharon, I just use a simple case. Nothing special. I know there are great cases out there for kids but I have never seen the need in my class. Our room has carpet so I am not worried even if they were to drop it.

  4. Carrie says:

    We use Gumdrop Cases for our kindergarten iPads. Work Wonderfully!

  5. Sarah says:

    My kindergarteners LOVE Timmy’s Kindergarten Adventure and Monkey Math. We use Letter School a lot and also Teach Me Kindergarten. I have found that iPads are great for centers, once they become familiar with the apps and learn how to use them responsibly.

  6. Marcie Horbus says:

    Hello…I was a Kindergarten Teacher that heard you speak at the Ohio Kindergarten Conference a few weeks ago. I was in your IPAD seminar and I thought there was a keyboard type website that you have used with the children in your classroom. I could be mistaken…I am looking through all of my notes and trying to find what it was called. My school is looking to get our Kindergarten classrooms a program to use for keyboarding type skills and thought I saw you use one that was really nice. If you get a chance and know what I am referring to, please let me know. Thanks again and I really enjoyed this seminar and look forward to using my personal IPAD in my classroom. :)

  7. Donna Williams says:

    I know that I’m late to the party but we’re new to iPads. We love all that’s included in Bugs and Numbers. It has a little of everything to practice mathematics.

  8. Our teachers here are looking for some ideas to use their iPads with their students and what apps to download. Great ideas! Thanks for posting.

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