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Apps we use in Kindergarten


Note: this list has been updated HERE

Here is a list (with links) of apps that I use in my Kindergarten class. This list is a work in progress and I plan to continue adding to it as I find useful apps.

My app list

Please share great apps you are using in your prek-2nd classes that I might have missed!

3 Responses to Apps we use in Kindergarten

  1. Teresa Hargrave says:

    Love your hard
    work, thanks so much.

  2. Amy says:

    Thank you for the list you created about apps for Kindergarten. I will definitely be using some that you have listed! After looking at many different sites about incorporating iPads into my classroom, I was curious how often you use your iPads within your classroom? Do you create centers or do you use them in large group settings? Thanks again for your post!

    • Matt Gomez says:

      The iPad is a center in my class each week, usually a storytelling or creativity app (2-3 kids). Also use in large group quite often. Each day as the kids arrive I have the iPad displaying through the projector and they take turns playing an app. These are usually content apps like phonemic or math. This is also how I introduce new apps. Usually after a week of having it up each morning they are ready to be independent with the app. Thanks for the comments and questions. I will be updating the app list soon in a new post.

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