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Augmented Reality ABC Flashcards App for Young Kids


This FREE app is so much fun. All you have to do is download the free flashcards, print them in color and then use the free app. When you open the app press “get started” and it opens a camera viewer. Place one or more of the cards in view of the camera and watch the magic happen. When you touch the screen on top of the animal or card it also tells you the letter name and animal. I know we are always looking for interesting ways to get kids to learn letters and I think this could be a great addition to the bag of tricks. Check out the video below if you need to see the app in action.

I also love that it will recognize more than one card at a time. I am going to have my class use this app to spell their name and practice spelling sight words.

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6 Responses to Augmented Reality ABC Flashcards App for Young Kids

  1. Margaret Dismukes says:

    I’ve been reading about Augmented Reality and am going to try incorporating it into my classroom this year. Thank you for another great idea to use it even further!

  2. That looks really cool. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful write-up. We created this app in the beginning to help teach our kids the alphabet. We were looking for something that would keep them engaged. Augmented Reality is a great way to keep kids engaged while learning and also have fun! We have more AR educational apps coming soon!

    Heath Mitchell
    Mitchlehan Media, LLC

  4. carole says:

    Way cool!

  5. michele says:

    I ,love this !
    I would love it even more if I could have the letter sound rather than the letter name to follow the current Uk Letter and sounds curriculum for Early Years in school. Perhaps 2 versions, letter name/letter sound ?

  6. Check out the Colar Mix app. A favorite of my kinders (if they can get it away from the grown ups).

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