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Augmented Reality in Kindergarten with Aurasma

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Aurasma is a free app that is similar to QR codes except the QR code part can be any image instead of a code. What that means is you can set the “trigger” to be just about any image you want. My mind has been racing with the amazing possibilities this app provides. Since I found it close to the end of the year I decided to use it to slightly improve an idea I already had planned for the last weeks of school. I wanted my current Kindergarten class to make videos explaining the classroom expectations to the incoming Kindergarten kids for next year and Aurasma was perfect for this project. Here is how it works (detailed pics below)…

First, you need to decide what the overlay is going to be. The overlay is what happens when the app recognizes a trigger. For our project the overlays were the videos explain the classroom expectations. We made all of those videos first and saved them on the iPad camera roll.

The next step is deciding the trigger image. This is the image that the Aurasma app will recognize and then show the overlay you decide. The image at the top of this post is an example of a trigger image I created. The trigger can really be any image you want. I decided to include the Aurasma logo in all the trigger images so the kids would know what to look for. Since I want my class to be a print rich environment I also added text to all the trigger images. I used a google image search to find the pictures and Microsoft Word to make create all the trigger images.

I posted the trigger images all over my room and next year we will explore them the first week of school as I introduce things to the class. We have videos for bathroom expectations, Texas Pledge, our one rule, locker expectations, how to log onto the computer, and many more. I also plan to make an interactive word wall using the app next year. My plan is to have a kids say each word and use it in a sentence, then the kids can use the iPad to “read the room” as a literacy center.

Here is a video showing what the kids will see on the iPad. They will open Aurasma and hold the iPad over the trigger image and this will happen… (Be Brave Rule Video)

Another Example (Texas Pledge)

Here is a step by step guide to creating an Aura




** Note the indicator at the bottom of the image below, this will help you make sure you choose a good trigger image that the app can recognize. The goal is to get the indicator to the green side.


15 Responses to Augmented Reality in Kindergarten with Aurasma

  1. Bela Meghani says:

    Wow-perfect for First Grade as well! This is much better than using QR codes – I was not loving the idea of equating the commercial bar code application with our classroom experiences, so thanks for sharing this more appropriate alternative.

  2. Rosey says:

    Thanks Matt this was great. My question is do the students need to use the same iPad each time to see the aura?

    • Matt Gomez says:

      If you make the aura public you do not need to use the same iPad. I need to investigate this part more but I know it works as others have done it.

  3. tamatrotti says:

    thanks for the great explanations. I think I need to see this actually working as I don’t really understand it – more hands-on learner…..Does it have the same premise as a QR code?

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Yes, same premise as QR codes except the QR code part can be any image you want. Use the step by step pics at the bottom of my page and try it out, the app is free!

  4. David Jakes says:

    To make a public aura, create a public channel. Use the Aurasama Studio to help with this. Go to to set up an account.

  5. hjbernal says:

    I love this! Not only the tech piece, but also connecting last year’s class to your incoming class. Adding text to the videos is also a great idea. I hope you’ll post about your students’ experiences when they begin to use this new technology!

  6. Thanks for sharing the idea Matt! I hadn’t heard of the app until now! :)

  7. AmyG says:

    Wow this is really cool! Exploring uses for my art room and wishing I’d seen this before my first week of school expectations with the kiddos but great idea to make messages for the next years students! :) Cheers from Mumbai

  8. Debbie says:

    Thanks Matt, this is a nice use of the program. I have a question about how you created your trigger images. You said “I used a google image search to find the pictures and Microsoft Word to make create all the trigger images.” how did you convert the text to jpeg so it could be uploaded? Did you just take a picture of the text and image as a printed document? Thanks from Debbie in Alaska

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Debbie, I created document using Word (image and text) I then printed that image and posted it on the wall where the trigger image will “live” for the year. When it was time to make the trigger image in the app I went over to the picture on the wall and made the trigger image from that. It really helps the app recognize the trigger if you create it in the exact spot it will be used. I suggest doing that for all triggers if possible.

  9. Adam says:

    Thanks for this post! I have been playing around with Aurasma and Aurasma Studio lately and have one question: If you use Aurasma Studio to post images or videos of children, how do you handle notification or releases to/from families for this purpose? Thanks again, this is a great blog.

  10. Donna Williams says:

    Wow, Matt. I really need to read your blog regularly so that I don’t miss any good inspiration. Here I am at the end of the year also, thinking of trying out Aurasma. We do an animal research piece that we combine into a book project complete with table of contents and index. I’d like to video my kids reading their presentation with greenscreen effect and put them in their illustration of their research animal! Their illustration would be a trigger. I’ve never used the greenscreen effect either. Nothing like having ambitious plans. I’ve read that Aurasma can be picky about working with trigger pictures? I’m not sure how it might do with child drawn illustrations? Have you tried Layar? I understand that with Aurasma, you must have the app to trigger the aura, but with Layar the aura is available to anyone? I’d like to put our work on display for parents and others to access the auras we create. I’d appreciate any advice you have to share.

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