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Augmented Reality Space Flashcards: Fun With The Solar System


 Disclaimer: I was given a free code to try this app

AR flashcards has released a second app that is out of this world. I wrote about their first app AR Flashcards ABC here and they were very popular. The second app is works exactly the same way. You purchase the app ($0.99), download the flashcards, print the cards and let the fun begin.

Below is a video of what it looks like when you use the app. Touching the planet on the iPad will trigger the audio of the name and pressing the yellow “i” button gives the audio information of the planet. The camera icon takes a screen shot of the app and adds it to the camera roll. My favorite part of the app is the Solar System card (image above.) This card show the entire solar system and an approximation of the size of each planet to give the kids perspective. I am not a solar system expert but my only concern is that the sun seems smaller than it should be compared to the planets.


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  1. Lynda Way says:

    This is an amazing app and amazing concept of this flashcard. I like to introduce this app in my preschool for kids to learn about the solar system. I hope they like it. And thanks for sharing this information.

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