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Build That Number Math Game For Kindergarten

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I love using playing cards to create games for my class because it really seems to engage them. I have written about using Skip-Bo cards before (here) and today I thought of another fun way to use them. First I split the kids into pairs and gave each group a set of 20 cards (could be done with more or fewer cards.) Then I wrote a “magic number” on the board and each pair had to work together to find sets of cards that added up to that number. They could use as many cards or a few cards as they wanted and groups that finished early were challenged to try to find another set. Some kids used their fingers to count, some used the 100’s chart, others worked together to add up and many used the math tools that are available to them. Our math tools are counters and a math board. The math boards have numbers 1-20 on the front and a number line on the back (shown below.) If you would like to download that card you can find it HERE. I feel this game was a success because of all the math discussion they had as they worked to find solutions and then even complained when it as time to clean up.



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  1. colette says:

    This is very similar to the Everyday Math Game, Name that Number…not sure if you use that curriculum in your district. Nice addition of the card to help with this.

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