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Toontastic App Is Now FREE


Google has acquired one of my favorite storytelling apps and it is now FREE (was $9.99)  If you don’t already own this app grab it and get those kids creating. Listed below are a few posts I have made previously about the app and you can read about the announcement here

Toontastic and MLK

Toontastic App 101

Toontastic Storytelling App


Tell About This App 101 Video

Tell About This- mattBgomez

The latest App 101 video covers the basics of using Tell About This. If you want to see a list of all my App 101 videos click here.



14 Apps for Creating in Elementary


The video below is from a webinar with Region 10 where I discuss my favorite apps for creating on the iPad. This is one topic in a series of hangouts I will be doing with Region 10. You can find all the all the videos here.  I hope you enjoy the presentation and will check out the topics on the schedule.

Apps for Creating Video Presentation

Links to the apps discussed are below…

Background Eraser App

Explain Everything


Stick Around

Felt Board

Story Buddy 2

Write About This

Tell About This

Lego Movie Maker


Doodlecast Pro


Story Dice

5 Dice


App 101: Quick “How To Use Videos” of Popular Apps


App 101 Videos: How To Use These Apps

Explain Everything 101 (teaching nouns large group)

Explain Everything 101 (creating audio decodable books)

Skitch 101 (free)

“New” Skitch 101 (free)

Popplet App 101

Write About This 101

Tell About This 101

Venn Diagram 101 (free)

Educreations 101 (free)

iPad 101 Video: How To Save Images to the Camera Roll


Toontastic App 101 Video


Toontastic is an amazing app for storytelling in the classroom. The basic app is free and has plenty to offer a classroom but I know you will want to get the “all access pass” once you play with it some. In the video I mention a Martin Luther King lesson and you can find more info on that here.

Storytelling or apps or creating are the most powerful and I have a list of my 33 favorites here, several with example lessons.


Write About This App 101 Video


Write About This ($3.99) is a great app for writing and storytelling. Please add questions or concerns in the comments.

You can find my other app 101 videos here



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