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Creative Fun With Build Your Wild Self Website


I really love the site Build Your Wild Self. The site allows you customize a person by using many different animal parts as you can see in the image above. It is simple to use and FREE.  Today we played around on the site during large group and had a great time creating “wild people.” After a while I asked the class to discuss with their neighbor “what animal parts do you wish you had?” Then I sent them to write a journal about what two animal parts they wished the had and why. I enjoyed listening to them discuss and think through what parts they would pick and why. Here are a few of the examples…

image (3)

image (5)

image (4)

image (6)


Perler Beads Art with Template


I try to find ways to use Perler beads as often as I can. They are colorful, fun and really great for fine motor practice. This week I decided to pair them with some q-tip art sheets I had seen before (download them here) This activity is not as creative as I prefer their art jobs to be but overall I think it worked really well. The kids work on fine motor by practicing to put a perfect sized dot of glue in each circle, when they pick up and place the bead and of course cleaning up all the beads after the center is over.

Here are three other posts I have about Perler beads…

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The Next Frank Lloyd Wright?

Photo 47

I gave my class a fairly simple project this week. The job was to try to build the tallest structure they could using popsicle sticks and hot glue. Yes, we use hot glue a lot (see here.) Each group (2-3 kids) could only make one structure so they had to work together.

I know these types of activities foster creativity and I know they enhance learning but I don’t often get clear proof of these facts. If you look at the picture above the structures are in placed in the order they were built, meaning the structure on the left was the first group and the one on the right was the last group. It is not a coincidence that each group (spread over 3 days) was able to build their structure larger than the group before.  As with any fun activity in the room all the kids were paying attention to this center as they worked in other centers. The heard the excitement when the second group figured out how to get a stick to stand vertical. They walked by and talked about how the structure need support sticks (in kindergarten language) to keep it from falling over. They were thinking of their own ideas as they waited for their turn. Beyond that they had a challenge to try to do more than the group before them. Am I training the next Frank Lloyd Wright? Probably not, but we won’t know unless we give them opportunities to find their passions.

Do you have similar activities for your room? I would appreciate you sharing if so, I know I want to include more of these type of activities in my class!

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 6

Photo 8

Photo 19

Photo 32


More Sticker Stories

image (2)

“The zebra was in the monkey’s cage. The tree was calling where are you”

Sticker stories continue to be a big hit in my class. We have had this as a writing activity during literacy centers every week since right before Thanksgiving. (read more here) I continue to be excited by the writing and creative thinking I see in this center. Each week I put new stickers in the center and give the kids the expectations on how many stickers they can use (typically is two or three stickers.) I get the stickers from Michaels and the book of stickers only cost $1. I stop by the store every few weeks and load up on the new sets they offer, usually centered around holidays or seasons.

I think the biggest struggle for kids when writing is thinking of where to start and that is where I think this center helps so much. It gives them one little piece of the story to begin creating. Drawing ability is another concern for many of my kids and I think the stickers make them feel like great illustrators and gives them the confidence to complete the scene.

image (3)

photo (3)



Wrap the Teacher for Valentine’s Day


This activity has been a tradition at our school for several years. It is simple to do and the kids LOVE it. All you need is streamers, tape and any other festive decorations you might have handy and let the kids go to work. When all the teachers have been wrapped the kids line the hall and we have a quick fashion show for all the classes. Looking for something cheap and exciting to add to your Valentine party? This might be the answer :)



Circle Art

Painting with circles! I had the kids use a paint cup to “stamp” circles on their page and then paint in the shapes that those circles made. I wish I had offered different sizes of circles and will add that option next time. They are really enjoying this colorful project. Another change I will make going forward is to have the kids let the black circles dry before painting them. I didn’t mind that the colors mixed but black is a very hard color to work with and it frustrated some of them.



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