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Olympics, Math and Apps in Kindergarten

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The first app we have been using is Skitch! Each morning I Google “Sochi Medal Count” and this chart is displayed. I have been taking a screenshot of the graph and editing out the totals on the far right for each country. Then we use Skitch to circle who has the most medal of each type and to find out the total medal count for each country on the chart. The kids are very excited about adding three digits together and I love how each day it gets a little more difficult as more and more medals are won. The other thing I like about using this chart is the countries are ordered by the number of gold medals not by the total. This has led to a lot of discussion and understanding of how data can be displayed and used. Learn more about this app here

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Today we were asked on Twitter what was our favorite sport. So we used the apps Haiku Deck and Educreations to create the graph above. Using Haiku Deck is a simple way to create a quick and polished looking graph. Once we had the graph made I took a screen shot on the iPad and imported that image into Explain Everything to add the pictures. Obviously the pictures are not crucial but for Kindergarten they really help the kids understand graphs. Once the images were added in Explain Everything we saved the image to our camera roll and tweeted it to our friends! Info on the apps below.

Graphing with Haiku deck details

Explain Everything How To Video


App 101: Quick “How To Use Videos” of Popular Apps


App 101 Videos: How To Use These Apps

Explain Everything 101 (teaching nouns large group)

Explain Everything 101 (creating audio decodable books)

Skitch 101 (free)

“New” Skitch 101 (free)

Popplet App 101

Write About This 101

Venn Diagram 101 (free)

Educreations 101 (free)

iPad 101 Video: How To Save Images to the Camera Roll


Toontastic App 101 Video


Toontastic is an amazing app for storytelling in the classroom. The basic app is free and has plenty to offer a classroom but I know you will want to get the “all access pass” once you play with it some. In the video I mention a Martin Luther King lesson and you can find more info on that here.

Storytelling or apps or creating are the most powerful and I have a list of my 33 favorites here, several with example lessons.


Write About This App 101 Video


Write About This ($3.99) is a great app for writing and storytelling. Please add questions or concerns in the comments.

You can find my other app 101 videos here




Venn Diagram Practice with Felt Board App

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Easy and fun way to practice creating Venn Diagrams with young kids using Felt Board. I print the example at the bottom of this post and the kids use that to help write the words.

Center Example



“New” Skitch App 101 Video


Skitch has updated their app since my original Skitch 101 video an updated video is below for the new version.

Find the original video here.

Examples of the coloring sheet activity can be found here.

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