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Dramatic Play: Bakery and Ice Cream Shop

Check out the amazing dramatic play center the parents at my school created! I can not claim any part of this but wanted to share the great idea. photo








The image below shows the space. It is located in the hallway. We have four of these “pods” in our hallway that we use for our social centers (science, art, home living and blocks.) All the classes take turns rotating through these centers each day.





50 Great Wonders From Wonderopolis For Primary Grades

Wonderopolis   Symbaloo

I have written several posts (herehere, and here) about using Wonderopolis in my classroom so I decided to put together some of the top wonders for young children. They now have over 968 “wonders of the day” so I hope this “top 50” list will be a good start for you to use in your class. Special thanks to Jon Fines for helping to put together this list! If you ever have any questions about the site or how to incorporate it into your class he is a great person to contact! Happy Wondering!

Click the image above or This Link to see the wonders.

**If you have iPads you can easily make Wonderopolis an app icon (see here)


Dice Battle Game Using Number Chart

photo (1)

If your kids love to battle as much as mine do they will love this game. The materials I used were doubled sided counters, dice (numbered 0,1,2,3 on them) and a game board (link below.) The game is super easy! I divided the class up into pairs and each group had to decide which kid was going to be the yellow counters and which one was red. Then they take turns rolling the dice and adding their color counter to the board. Once the board is full the real fun begins because they get to flip their partners counters over instead of adding them. For example, in the image above the child (red counter)  rolled a 3, so she would turn over three of the yellow counters for her turn and make them red. This continues back and forth until the board is completely one color and that child wins. The reason I used the dice with smaller numbers is because it makes the game take longer but this could be done with regular dice as well.

You can download the printable here (just print on card stock and cut them in half) -> PDF file or Microsoft Word File

If you don’t have two-sided counter you can use other manipulatives of course. They will just need to remove their partners counter and replace with their own instead of flipping them.

image (4)

I wrote the numbers 1-20 on the cards my kids use because we use them as a tool for working on math problems. You could easily add that if you see a need.

image (3)


Connect Four With Google Docs

image (2)

Last month my class played tic-tac-toe live using Google Docs with our twitter friends in Montana (see here) Today we stepped up to connect four and it was a blast. I enjoyed connect four more because it is a longer game than tic-tac-toe and more kids got a chance to play. Connect four is also more challenging of a game and requires the kids to focus with all the different ways to win. Special thanks to @JonFines for making the template. You are welcome to use the template and play your own game with classes around the world using this link

Playing these games is fun but Jon and I know the kids are learning important lessons about collaborating, being respectful and digital citizenship. I love the tweet his class sent my class after the game was over.




Perler Beads Art with Template


I try to find ways to use Perler beads as often as I can. They are colorful, fun and really great for fine motor practice. This week I decided to pair them with some q-tip art sheets I had seen before (download them here) This activity is not as creative as I prefer their art jobs to be but overall I think it worked really well. The kids work on fine motor by practicing to put a perfect sized dot of glue in each circle, when they pick up and place the bead and of course cleaning up all the beads after the center is over.

Here are three other posts I have about Perler beads…

Patterns with Perler beads

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Just Dance Disney!

Just Dance  Disney   Symbaloo

The sequel to the popular Just Dance mix is ready. Just Dance Disney, 16 fun songs to get your class moving. Click here or the image above to check them out. (find the original set here)

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