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Changes In My Calendar Routine


This year I moved from the typical Kindergarten calendar to a year-long calendar (see the full calendar below.) You will notice in the picture below that I still have the typical calendar on my board but we are not really using it any more. Instead we are adding important dates to the year-long calendar like the image above. I did not want to overwhelm the kids so I started by only adding the important dates to the months of September and October. Now that we have been using the calendar for a few weeks we will begin to add the birthdays for every child as well as important dates in our school year. I am not exactly sure how this will all work but I know I want the kids to see and use the calendar as a complete year and not just month to month. Today one of the kids asked about the last day of school and it was a perfect time to add that date to our calendar. I feel the really were able to grasp the concept of how long it will be until that date. I have already noticed kids pointing out their birthday month or counting how many days in school on their own. The calendar is a tool and they need more than one month showing to really use the tool like we want them to use it. Below you will find the link to download calendar I printed. I found them online and edited them some to make the boxes bigger and to add the abbreviations for the days of the week.

I will post an update once we have used the calendar for a while. Anyone already doing this I would love to hear suggestions or experiences. Thanks!

Monthly Calendar 2013

Monthly Calendar 2014


12 Responses to Changes In My Calendar Routine

  1. Why are you using post-its? Wouldn’t it be easier to just write in the box? Just wondering if there is another reason I haven’t thought through. I work hard to get kids to use the calendar instead of saying the whole what was yesterday, what is today…blah blah blah. Looking forward to learning how it works for you.

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Kimberley, mainly because the boxes are so small. I want the kids to be able to read them from the carpet in the morning. I also plan to start letting the kids write the info and I don’t think they will do well writing on the wall. This way I can have them complete it on the table (and be able to redo if needed) then stick it on the calendar.

  2. Julie Seidens says:

    Thank you for sharing this Matt! I read about this on Twitter, through some of the kinder chat discussions, but couldn’t figure out how to have room for a huge year long calendar. It was good to see you using a smaller one. I’ve been wanting to start this and I just might do that next week now!

  3. Kristin says:

    Great insights Matt as always…I have all of my calendar stuff on a flipchart. We fill in a monthly calendar together but i also have a calendar all filled in to show the whole month. I do the same for a hundreds chart..we fill..we analyze one that is filled in.Your idea of showing all of the months will be an added bonus…i can add the calendars under my activ board…thanks for sharing!

  4. Kelly says:

    I don’t see book fair on there- The most exciting thing all month!

  5. Sanders says:

    I literally use a large desk top calendar. We add all the important info for the month on the calendar on the last day of the month. If we need to log something prior to that time, we pull it down and add it at that time.

    I use it just like I do my own at home. Calendar takes less than 5 minutes.

  6. Deana Castillo says:

    Do you start with August first month of school or so you use January?

  7. Karol Glaspy says:

    Hi Matt! I’m doing it! This is the year I say good-bye to traditional calendar time. Can you share with me where you found the calendars that you edited? I printed out 2014 and can only use Aug! (still have my summer brain on) :/
    Karol Glaspy

  8. Jacqueline says:

    Love this idea. I am going to try it with my second graders. Many times they have no concept of time, how long a month and year are, or what a calender is actually used for. This will be perfect. Thanks Matt.

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