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Class Blog: Student Faces Are Not Necessary to be Successful


I recently posted examples from my Kindergarten class blog and there were two questions that I got asked several times that I wanted to discuss in a separate post.

Question #1– “Do you have permission to show the kids faces on the blog” or “how do you get permission”. 

When I first started my blog I did not have permission to show the kids faces on the blog. Please don’t let that keep your from starting a blog. As long as your administration approves you having a blog you CAN have a very successful space without ever showing a kids face (I rhyme all the time.) You only need to be creative with how you take pictures. At the bottom of this post I have examples of images from our blog without faces. The key is taking a picture that will promote discussion at home. Another option is blurring faces (see below.) To get permission for my class blog I had every parent sign a permission slip at meet the teacher. It was required for them to fill out. I gave them three choices: 1) I give permission for my child’s images to be on the blog 2) I give permission but I want my child’s face to be obscured 3) I do not want my child on the blog at all. You can download the permission slip here and the blog parent info letter I use here.

Question #2- How do you blur the kids faces in the photos

I use skitch to blur the kids faces. Skitch is a web tool and also an app. You can see how to do this with Skitch by looking here. I mainly use the app on my phone to quickly blur out things I don’t want showing before posting on the blog. Even though I can post the kids faces I make sure to blur out names on the wall or anything that will connect us to a specific location. This tool is free, easy to use, and a fast way to blur a part of an image.

These are actual images from my class blog when I could not post the kids faces…

Learning about seeds


Labeling the sprouts (done with Skitch)


Observing pumpkins


Making applesauce


Science experiment ingredients


Q-tip painting


Building Poems


Math story problems with Educreations app/website


Literacy lesson using Popplet app/website


Voting for the president


Listening Center


Library time


6 Responses to Class Blog: Student Faces Are Not Necessary to be Successful

  1. Thanks for sharing the tip on blurring faces. I use Skitch in my classroom, but have never though about using it to blur faces. Love it!

  2. Skitch looks like a very useful tool! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great article! When I post photos on our blog, I am also careful to blur out their names on their papers. That way there is no perceived connection between the child in the pic and the name on the paper next to them.

  4. I have permission to show my kids faces, but sometimes their desk name tags show up. Skitch is a great tool to blur out the names! Thanks

  5. Bessie McKinnon says:

    Thank you just the answers I was looking for.

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