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Creating A Texas Pledge Video With The iPad


Last week one of my twitter friends (@barbinnebraska) asked if my class would record the Texas pledge for her students in Nebraska. I jumped on the chance for my kids to share about their state and we used Explain Everything to create the video. The first step was having the kids think of images we could add to our slides that would represent Texas. This was a great review of Texas symbols from earlier in the year when we had created a book for some friends in Japan (see here) After gathering many images we started creating the slides in Explain Everything by adding the text and pictures. Once we had all the slides created I recorded the students saying the words for each slide and exported it to my camera roll as a video. If you need more info on using Explain Everything look here. Next year I think I will have my class create both the US and Texas pledge at the beginning fo the year as we work to learn them. The kids really liked making the video and sharing it on our blog and to their twitter friends.

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