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Creative Writing with Stickers

“The Fox is trying to find his BFF” 

I tried a new activity today during journal writing. This was our last day before Thanksgiving break and I knew I would need to add a few special things to keep the kids on task. So for journal time I bought two packs of Thanksgiving/Fall themed stickers. I think they cost about $5 total (pictured below). Then I cut the pages of stickers in half and let the kids choose one of the half pages to help create the scene for their story. I was amazed at how engaged the kids were as they used the stickers to highlight their scene. Since many of the stickers were small or odd-shaped there was a lot of fine motor practice as well. This is certainly an activity we will repeat throughout the year!


2 Responses to Creative Writing with Stickers

  1. Scott says:

    Matt, I’ve read about “sticker stories” in a few other places. I think this may need to be our next “story box” activity. Thanks for sharing! (Hope you have a great Thanksgiving break!)

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Scott, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hope you did as well. Look forward to you sharing how the story box works out.

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