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Digital Citizenship Resources and Lessons From Common Sense Media

I wanted to share two great resources for digital citizenship from Common Sense Media. These are a great place to start when figuring out when and how to incorporate digital citizenship into your classroom. I have looked at both resources and feel they are valuable tools for teachers and schools to use. I will point out that curriculum is not ALL that is needed, the best way to teach children about digital citizenship is by allowing them experiences being a digital citizen. In my class we use Twitter, Google Docs, Skype and a class blog to practice being digital citizens.

Scope and Sequence   Common Sense Media

Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence– “tool to find the lessons that are just right for your classroom. These cross-curricular units spiral to address digital literacy and citizenship topics in an age appropriate way. Browse by grade band or click a category to highlight the lessons that address that topic.”


Digital Passport– “a unique web-based tool designed to help educators teach the basics of digital citizenship to elementary school students in 3rd through 5th grades. Through videos, games, and classroom activities, Digital Passport addresses issues that students will face in the online world, including safety and security, privacy, cyberbullying, copyright, and finding credible information. It allows students to work on activities at their own pace, and in the order they choose, earning badges as they complete the coursework in each subject.”

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