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Document Camera

Pictured- baby rolly polly (labeled with skitch app)

I posted a few weeks ago about my favorite tech tool, today I am sharing my second favorite – the document camera. The document camera we use in my class is called an ELMO but I know there are many brands that will get the job done. The main features I would make sure it has is projecting the image through a projector, ability to capture the image displayed (video is a plus too), and a zoom feature.We use the document camera every day in my class. It is a great teaching tool but even more valuable as a tool for allowing the kids to share.

Most mornings we start the day with an iPad game projecting through the ELMO. While the class is unpacking the kids take turns playing various literacy or math games. The reason I like the ELMO for this is it allows the class to see exactly what the students are pressing on the iPad. This helps them learn how to use the tool while watching others play. All new iPad games are shared this way also.

Other ways we use the document camera…

– show and tell

– students sharing how they solved math problems

– looking closely at ANYTHING cool we find

– practicing how to complete a center

– showing off student work

– taking pictures of ANYTHING neat we find

– introducing new iPad games

– introducing new math centers/games

– basically, if it fits on the ELMO and I want the entire class to see it easily the ELMO is my tool

Cheking on various stages of lima bean development
Practicing using base 10 blocks
Do beetles leave footprints? Yes they do!
Looking closely at pill bugs
What does a root hair look like?
Do ants really have 6 legs?
Keeping a picture diary of our decomposing bucket

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