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Documenting Weather with InstaWeatherPro App

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A few months ago I started seeing people post pictures like the one above on my Instagram feed from an app called InstaWeather Pro ($1.99) I played around with the app and have enjoyed using it from time to time but I immediately saw potential for the app in my class. Weather is always a big topic in Kindergarten, especially since we are connected with other classes around the world.

This week we started using the app to document the weather and I plan to use the app several times a week. Right now I am taking the pictures each morning and just showing the class the results. Next week I will let them take the picture each morning, something that would be much easier if I had more iDevices. There are many different ways to display the weather with this app but I prefer the one below (snow picture.) It shows the current temperature, current weather, expected low temp, expected high temp, wind speed and wind direction. I think this is great information for the kids to see along with an image. I am excited to see how our garden changes with the weather and these images will be great review as the year progresses. Once we have a few months of pictures I plan to use them as a timeline to discuss the changes that happen.

One thing I want to point out is that I removed the location for the snow picture so that we could tweet it without our location. To do this I just edited the saved image in my camera roll and cropped off the top that shows the location.

Photo 1

The app gives you the choice of taking a picture from within the app or to use an image from the camera roll. Once you take a picture or choose one from the camera roll you click the “share” button and are given the options below. All I do is pick the “save to library” option and that image is saved for me to use.
photo (2)

Here are a few other options for displaying the weather with the app. The displays that show the expected weather for the day, next few days or the week could be used to discuss predicting the weather or to check the accuracy of the forecast. There is a lot of data that can be displayed and I am sure there are many other ways this app could be used in the classroom.

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6 Responses to Documenting Weather with InstaWeatherPro App

  1. Amy Musone says:

    Thank you so much for this resource. Never heard of it before today, but now it’s on my iPad.

  2. Amy Rudd says:

    Great idea Matt ! Thanks for sharing this app!

  3. Hi, Matt! Thanks for this info. I imagine you need to be online to use the app so it can download the weather information or is that not the case?

  4. Roxanne says:

    Thanks Matt!! What skin do you use that has all that information?

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