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Dramatic Play: Bakery and Ice Cream Shop

Check out the amazing dramatic play center the parents at my school created! I can not claim any part of this but wanted to share the great idea. photo








The image below shows the space. It is located in the hallway. We have four of these “pods” in our hallway that we use for our social centers (science, art, home living and blocks.) All the classes take turns rotating through these centers each day.




12 Responses to Dramatic Play: Bakery and Ice Cream Shop

  1. Wow, you have some amazing parents! They put a lot of work into it. The bread looks so real, but I’m assuming it’s not.

  2. Jenny Lsitz says:

    Amazing for such inviting Dramatic play. Lucky you with such great parents!!!!

  3. Maura says:

    How big is your classroom? Your bakery is almost as big as my room!!

  4. Anne Jenks says:

    Wow! That dramatic play center is impressive to say the least. It looks fairly large. Where is it ? It’s wonderful when parents get involved like this.

    • Matt Gomez says:

      It is located in the hallway. In the K hallway we have four “pods” that are designed to be used a social centers (blocks, art, science, home living, etc) I will add some pictures to the post to show that better.

  5. Melissa Westberry says:

    Is this a shared area or in your classroom? It is great to see that some schools still allow play and creativity.

  6. Matt, they did a great job! You must have given them some insight, it will be tons of fun for the kids! I also saw where you can make fabric covered styrofoam balls for the ice cream scoops and then Velcro dots on then so the kids can make double decker ice cream cones with various flavours. Fun!

  7. Wow I want to be a student in your class. That is exactly how a class should look where learning takes place and it isnt on a worksheet but practical and personalized!

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