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Earth Day Video Using Explain Everything App

We made this video today for Earth Day. This was my teacher table activity and I worked with each kid individually to help them think of a sentence and write it. The audio was recorded during our quiet reading time. A great feature of the app is you can create each page and then go back and add audio as needed. If you need more info on using Explain Everything check out this post.


8 Responses to Earth Day Video Using Explain Everything App

  1. Love the activity students did a great job reading their sentences thanks for the idea keep sharing your ideas

  2. kindergeek says:

    I want to be (B) Matt B. Gomez. Or maybe I just want to be a student in your class. Barring those possibilities, I want to use your ideas with my kinders :)

  3. Mr. Gomez how lucky your students are to have you as a teacher! I am thinking about changing from 2nd grade to K next year and you make me even more excited! Thanks!

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