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Equal Parts Math Activity

One of our math topics this week is learning half or equal parts. Here are three activities to work on this concept.

The first one is a document of shapes and letters. The kids simply draw a line to divide the shape into two equal parts. There are a few tricky ones but overall this is a good first step. I print this front and back but it could be two separate jobs. You can download the document here-> What is half printable

The second activity (pictured below) is an equal parts sheet you can download here -> Equal Parts Printable

I have the kids cut pattern block shapes in half and then glue the whole (two parts makes a whole.) Any shapes could work for this activity.

photo (2)


The last activity uses the iPad app Felt Board and Draw & Tell (pictured below.)  Any whiteboard type app that allows the kids to draw could be used instead of Draw and Tell. First the kids use the felt board app to find shapes that can be divided in half. There are MANY shapes in the app that will work. After they have a board full of shapes they take a picture on felt board and then open that image in Draw and Tell. Now that the image is in Draw and Tell they use the pencil drawing tool to divide the shapes. Once they have divided all the shapes they take a screen shot of the final product (home button and power button at same time captures the screen)


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  1. Jackie Sills says:

    Aloha Mark,

    You have really taken some time to share great ideas. I was wondering how you set up your apps on your student iPads and how do you teach them to use the apps independently?


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