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Exploring Nature


My favorite activity this week was spending time outside with my students exploring nature. There was not a learning target, lesson, or expected “goal”. That has been one of the big changes in my classroom this year. I am spending less time “teaching” and more time guiding their learning. In the past I would have told the kids exactly what to do before we went outside instead of letting their actions, questions and thoughts guide what needed to be discussed.  I asked a lot of questions and answered their questions with even more questions.

Here are some of the conversations….

student – “WE FOUND ANTS”

me- ” How many legs do they have?” I wonder why there are so many together?”  “I wonder what they eat?”


student- “We found roots”

me – “What are roots?” “What do they do?” “I wonder why we can see the roots of this tree but not that one over there?”


student – “Look at all the clover”

me-  “I wonder what it feels like to lay in it?”   “Why is the clover so green but most of the grass is still yellow?”   “What does the clover smell like?”

 me- “Look at this interesting plant”  “Can you predict what it will feel like before touching it?”   “How does it compare to the clover?”

students- “It is prickly”  “It is spiky”  ” It is rough”


student- “We can’t find any bugs”

me- “I wonder where insects hide”   “If you were an insect where would you be?”   “Why don’t insects want to be found?”
student – “This tree is bumpy”

me- “Why?”   “What other words can you use to describe it”

“Is the bark on this tree the same as that tree over there?”


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  1. web hosting says:

    you guys are doing very good and i appreciate your great work here.

  2. Cristi Gomez says:

    Great learning experience. Sometimes simple is better.

  3. Melissa says:

    Matt I love it! I love how you captured their thoughts and shared what they were saying!

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