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Felt Board App

One of my favorite way to use the iPad is to allow kids to create stories. Recently I found an app that is great for storytelling called Felt Board. The app is $2.99 currently and well worth it. Imagine a typical felt board with hundreds of pieces… just in digital form.

Last week the students in my class use the app as part of a center for the first time (we always play with tools first before “working” with them). The job was fairly simple, create a scene with a friend that you will write about during journal time. The app was easy for the kids to use and the only issue we had was they all took extra pictures of their product. When you press the camera button within the app to save the image nothing happens to show the picture has been taken. Not a big problem but something I hope they will address. UPDATE: The screen now flashes along with sound, problem solved!

The images turned out great and all the kids were excited to write about their story once I printed them. I know we will try this again..

Other ideas I plan to try with Felt Board…

– allowing the students to create stories without the writing part

– have the students write about someone else’s scene

– create a scene and try to paint/draw it yourself

– have students work together to write the journal also

What other ideas can you think of? Please share!

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  1. Mindy Douglas says:

    What a wonderful blog! We love the amazing creativity happening in your classroom and are so honored to have our app being used in your classroom and mentioned in your blog. (I hope you don’t mind we shared it on our Facebook page :) About the camera, there should be a sound that happens when the photo is taken. If you have any problems or feedback, please feel free to get in touch.Thanks!Mindy

  2. sharonfadale says:

    I love this idea! After I saw what you had done, I gave it a different spin. I needed to do a 3rd quarter writing assessment so we brainstormed “spring” as our topic and then we used the Felt Board to make a picture full of spring things. Then we did a word web to describe spring and to write some of the things that we had put in our felt board picture. While the kids were working on their webs, I emailed the picture to myself and made a class set of the picture on my printer. Each child was given writing paper and in the place where they normally draw, I had them glue down their copy of the felt board picture. Then each child wrote their own sentences about the picture using words from the webs that we made together! My class loved the whole process! I was pretty excited too!! So glad you shared the idea. Thank you so much!

  3. Matthew Gomez says:

    @Mindy- Thanks for the comment. We did not use the sound for this app so that is what caused the problem. Only suggestion I have is maybe adding a visual cue for the picture feature and more backgrounds and props :) The kids loved it!

  4. Matthew Gomez says:

    @sharonfadale Thank you for sharing how you used the app. I look forward to using it in other ways in the future. I appreciate you reading the blog!

  5. Mindy Douglas says:

    @Matthew- We are so glad your students are enjoying the app. And ironically, the first version of the app had a really neat flash effect that we had to temporarily disable due to a bug in the current version of the SDK we are using (that makes it compatible with iPad 3). We plan to put it back in as soon as we can – especially now that we know it is a feature people want. :)@Sharon- What a great lesson plan using the app! So very cool!

  6. Matthew Gomez says:

    @Mindy, thanks for the update. appreciate that you are listening to your users!

  7. Melissa says:

    This app looks great! I’m definitely going to check it out. I loved your ideas for using it. A few more: illustrate/write math word problems, non-fiction report(?depending on what’s available for clothes/props – could it be used to make a biography report?), create a board of theme related words and then practice labeling. Thanks for sharing!
    Teacher Treasure Hunter

  8. My students choose to use this app all the time. It takes drawing out of the work which is great for those who want to get on with their story making. My students have made beginning, middle end story pictures with it, put them in a story making app (we like My Story) and then recorded their voice telling the story. I am going to use your extension ideas. Thank you!

  9. Cindy says:

    This would be great for story problems in math!

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