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Four Square Math Activity with Dice


This math activity was a big hit at the end of the school year (printable below). I was trying to come up with new ways for the kids to continue to practice adding and grouping numbers that would keep them engaged and this was something worked well. The concept is really simple, the kids roll a dice four times and write the result of those four rolls in the corners of one of the boxes. Then they add those four numbers together and write the result in the center fo the box. I did not tell them how to figure out the answer but gave them many tools to use including manipulatives and a number line. Some kids used those tools and others used strategies like counting up, adding on or drawing a picture. I love these activities because it is through this type of exploration that kids make discoveries about how numbers can be combined and grouped to make adding easier. They learn through discovering and conversation in a way they will remember and understand. You might notice in the picture above the kids are using a “double dice,” same game but they don’t have to keep up with four dice that way and it was a nice change the second time we played the game.

Four Square Printable- PDF file or Microsoft Word file

I also made a challenge activity for my higher kids to work on after they finished. This version has the answer already recorded in the center and the kids have to figure out numbers that will add up to the answer. They don’t use dice for this version. Printable- PDF or Word


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  1. carole says:

    I always love learning the new and challenging games you create!

  2. Deborah says:

    Thanks for sharing your always excellent resources for Kindergarten!

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