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Fun With Toontastic Storytelling App


Free iPad App that includes basic scenes and characters. Additional scene/character packs are $0.99. I purchased the unlimited package for $10 that gives me all the current and future characters/scenes for one price. Well worth it in my opinion.

This is my personal favorite as far as storytelling apps on the iPad. We have been using this app in large group all year for review and retelling but this week my kids got to use it independently in centers. This app requires more steps and more ability than most of the other storytelling apps I have used but it is well worth the extra effort. My class had no issues navigating the app since we have used it in large group so many times. I do suggest starting with easier apps like Sock Puppets or Felt Board first but don’t be afraid to let them give this one a try once they are experienced creating stories on the iPad.

One of the features I really love about this app is it gives the kids a visual (and vocabulary) for the parts of a story (pictured below) This encourages them to plan out their story in more detail. This is a great next step for the kids after using the more basic storytelling apps.  


Another feature I have grown to love is the ability to add music to each scene. The students spend as much time deciding the best music for their scene and are really developing an understanding how the music effects the audience.

The finished products are nothing special in most cases (and often hilarious) but I know there is value in two kids spending 15 minutes or more making a plan for a story, deciding all the details of that story and then recording it. Here are a few examples…

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