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Geoboard App (FREE)

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Geoboard: This app is very simple, which is what makes it so good. The app is also FREE and that makes it even better. If Geoboards are part of your curriculum in any way and you have an iDevice I recommend grabbing this one. On the iPad you can switch between the 25 peg board (above) and the 150 peg board (below.) This app also works on the iPhone and iTouch but you are limited to the 25 peg board only. If you are using this app in your class please share your thoughts, ideas or lessons!

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  1. can you get this app for an Kindel? Have a kindel for my granddaughter and this is one of several that her kindergarden teacher wants but i’m not sure they work on a kindal.
    Thank You!

  2. We used this last year. No more rubber band nightmares!

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