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Getting To Know My Students: All About Me Project

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The first week of school I am going to make a picture (see above) with each student during teacher table time. My goal is to get to know them more while also providing a display that can be used for writing in our classroom. After I make a picture of every student I am going to hang them around the room. This will be a fun way for the kids to get to know each other better while also giving them some great words to write in their journal when we start our journal the second week. Since I teach Kindergarten many of the kids can’t write much more than their names and I always encourage them to copy words from the wall as practice while we are learning how to write. My hope is these pictures will give them words they like as well as a resource of words that are important to their friends.

To make this picture I used the app Explain Everything (more info here). There are many storytelling apps that could do the same thing. Skitch is an option if you want to make one with just words (see here.) This could also easily be done with Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

What activities or games do you do with your students the first week of school? Would appreciate you adding your ideas here -> First Week Activities 

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  1. @8amber8 says:

    such an easy cute idea! As a momma, I wld treasue this!

  2. April says:

    I love your All About Me Project and how you will incorporate their responses into a journal assignment or topic prompts for writing. I plan on doing an All About Me Math project. This project will lead right into our math lesson for the second week of school regarding Number Sense. Students will be able to draw pictures to represent their number response from their All About Me Math chart.

  3. Lisa says:

    Love it!

  4. I’ve done something similar using Google Presentation. Each student creates three or more slides about himself or herself and then we do a full class presentation in which each student does a presentation using the slides. The slides also become a convenient way for students to remember one another. The slides are saved to all of the students’ Google Drives. I highly recommend this activity for older students who have a Google account, but similar slide presentation programs can be used. The focus remains on using images, which also helps when students present because they need to explain why they select the images as opposed to reading text. Thanks for sharing your ideas which works well with younger students.

  5. Adrienne says:

    Love all the ideas u share, Matt. I’m sure u have a good reason for using explain everything – can u explain?

  6. ferreri says:

    Matt, I saw your idea retweeted by Julie and just love it! I can’t wait to try it but for now, I shared it!

  7. Amy lemons says:

    That’s a great idea!

  8. I may not be the average high school teacher since i read blogs geared to all grade levels and subjects. I teach high school French and although I teach high school, I love ideas like this because they help novice language learners express themselves from the very earliest stages of proficiency. One thing I do with my students (years 2-AP) at the beginning of the year is give them a project to write and talk about themselves (exact topics vary based on students’ previous knowledge of French). BUT, out of whatever list of components I develop for each specific class, the students choose half to do in writing and half to record orally and link to a QR code. The physical format of the final product may vary from class to class or year to year (Mandala, Secret Book, Yearbook page, scrapbook page repesenting their summer, etc), but the key is to have one document from each student that showcases their writing and their speaking. Because my students are older, I let them choose the web apps and tools they would like to use for laying out text, images and the QR code. When I hang them up, any passerby can see their writing and use their QR code readers to hear them speak. A great online recording tool that is easy to use and will make a QR code of the finished product is (not sure how well this would work in primary though). Obviously, this exact sort of activity is less likely in an elementary school setting since the children don’t yet have phones to listen to the QR code recordings (although their parents might well treasure such artifacts) but I have found it to be very effective in high school.

  9. Samantha says:

    Hi Matt, this is such a great back to school idea! I’m wondering how you got the images around Gage’s picture? Where did you upload (import?) them from? I’ve been playing around with Explain Everything and read your post about it (butterfly life cycle), so I get the basic concept, just trying to work out the details. Thanks for your help!

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Samantha, we found the images for his interest with a google images search. I just saved the image he liked for each image to the iPad camera roll (hold your finger on the image for a few seconds until save option shows) Once we had saved all those images we imported them into Explain Everything within the app itself by inserting an image. Hope that helps, if not let me know

  10. Teresa says:

    On Pinterest I’ve seen some cute name game activities. Take their picture, write their name on construction paper, and cut apart each letter. Have them glue their letters (name) on another piece of paper that says “My name has ___ letters.” They can compare numbers of letters, same letters, etc. put whole class set together into book. Also, I have, who has….with their names and pictures.

  11. Kathy Yee says:

    Hi Matt,

    Love this idea. When working on this project did you work with the kids in small groups or have “buddies” come in to help? I am excited to try this with my Kindergartners this week. Thank you for always sharing.

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Kathy, I did this one on one at my teacher table all week. My goal was to get to know the kids better myself along with making the project. The 1-1 was really valuable time with the kids.

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