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Glitzy Gobblers Project

This is a fun project we do every year at my school. We send home a turkey printout (link below) and ask the kids to work with their families to decorate it. We always get back some awesome gobblers. Below is also the wording we attach to the printout. We have found that using cardstock for the turkey works best.

“Your family project is to cut out the turkey and decorate it any way you want to. You may use any type of material for decoration, for example: cloth scraps, pasta, glitter, sequins, markers, etc. Be as creative as you can! “

Glitzy Gobbler Printout

Another neat idea I heard about was having the kids disguise a turkey like in this post. Love that idea and might be stealing it next year!

Close up pictures of some of our glitzy gobblers…


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