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Global Collaboration in Kindergarten

Map of the classes we connected with through twitter and postcard exchange

Here are three projects that I participated in last year that helped connect my class to the outside world. The map above represents the connections we made through these projects. I hope you will consider joining these projects or sharing this post with others that might..

Kindergarten Around the World is a twitter-based virtual exchange project, allowing young students to experience and explore a way of life different from their own, by building a relationship with a class of similarly-aged children. It was piloted using 8 classes in 2010-11, and grew to over 50 classes in 2011-12. We are hoping to continue that growth in 2012-13. This project is what led to my kids being “Armadillo Experts”

Kindergarten Postcard Exchange  Fairly simple, you are paired with 5 other teachers and you send one postcard a month to those friends.

Skype Play -The purpose of this #Kinderchat PlayProject is to play in real time with other children in other places.  Building on traditional Skype projects like MysterySkype and Skyping in experts,  this moves into giving children a peer to peer audience for their play that provides immediate interaction, collaboration, and conversation. And so, a network of Kindergarten classes are connecting globally, building relationships, exploring geography, and discovering that while everyone might have their own place in the world,  we all love to play.

Know of other great projects? Please share in the comments!


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