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Gripcase: iPad Case for Young Kids


Gripcase and LetterSchool app

I often get asked what case I use in my classroom for the iPad. Until recently I didn’t have a favorite and would send a link to a cheap and simple case from Amazon. At the end of last year Gripcase contacted me about trying out their case. Full disclosure, they sent me one to try for free but the case is typically $40. I checked out the product online and agreed to try out the case without any promises. Now that I have had time to use this case in my classroom and see who it works I am happy to say it is a wonderful case for young kids and kids with special needs. I especially like the available stand for this case and the kids enjoy using it.  **Every time I show an iPad picture on my blog someone asks about the app so I will go ahead and share that they are using LetterSchool app. This is one of the first academic apps my class uses. It is fun, creative and does help with learning letters. If you teach kids that are learning letters it is a must have app.

Highlights of Gripcase: 

– Very easy to “install” and has never come out of the case

– Easy for kids to carry, the handles on all sides makes it perfect for small hands to hold

– Most cases that offer this level of protection are very bulky. The Gripcase does increase the “footprint” of the iPad but it is not bulky.

– It really does protect the iPad. Regardless how it falls the iPad is protected. Especially the corners, and yes I tried.

– The material is soft yet not fragile.

– The stand is wonderful (separate purchase)

– All the ports are easily accessible (see headphone concern below)

Concerns for Gripcase:

–  Headphone port access might not work for all headphones. I wish the access point was a little larger but it has not been an issue for us thus far.

– The case might not fit into charging stations

Check out the video below if you want to see a video review and I have also posted a few more pictures below the video.



4 Responses to Gripcase: iPad Case for Young Kids

  1. LetterSchool is a favourite with my kids. They make printing practice fun!

  2. Cindy says:

    This is an awesome case, I have seen a presenter at a course throw it against a wall and let it bounce to prove how good it is, not that I would recommend trying that out!

  3. Amy Paden says:

    Love this post! Affirms that I picked the right cases for 3 iPads in my 1st grade classroom! I haven’t had trouble with charging or headphone jack either. Love that they always have a place to hold on! I am a big otter box fan for personal use but it makes the iPad so heavy and without handles its not good for little hands. Thanks as always, Matt!

  4. carter hughes says:

    We are just introducing ipads to our kindergarten and their level of comfort is amazing. Your app suggestions has been a terrific help. Can you suggest good headphones?

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