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Handwriting Without Tears iPad App


Learn more about the app here and  purchase it here

Here is my review of the app. First of all you can have up to four users at a time. That seems like plenty to me as one can always just be a class account. When you want to reset a user all you need to do is enter a new name and it resets that user. That leaves three extra users for the kids that really need contant work on the app. More users would be nice but I don’t see it as a deal breaker.

There are two “play” options. The first is Pick and Practice (pictured below) The students can pick any of the letters to work on. The stars you see under each letter is basically three levels. The first level the kids are shown where to start each stroke, the second level they are given a quick hint and the last level they start the stroke without any hint. I thought the helpers voice in the app was great and the comments were reassuring without being too much. The voice, music and special effects can be turned off in the settings if needed.

The second option for playing is HWT’s Winning Order. (pictured below) As you can see the letters grayed out have a lock icon next to them. The student must complete each letter in the order that HWT feels is the best for learning.

One a student completes all three levels of a letter they are given a letter card and it shows up like this…

One of the best features of this app is it requires the kids to be accurate with their strokes. I even had to “try again” (see below) a few times when trying it out. I know this app won’t replace the slate boards and real world practice in a room (or it shouldn’t) but this app will allow a teacher to let a child practice on their own while knowing they are forming the letters correctly.

The downside of the app is there are only upper case letter and numbers. Hopefully they will consider adding lower case letters in some format in the future. Did I miss any features, positives or negatives? Please let me know in the comments..

4 Responses to Handwriting Without Tears iPad App

  1. Thanks for the review, the Occupational Therapists I work with have been anxiously waiting for this app. We are a big fan of the program and were hoping the app lives up to the program. Sounds like it is a good start.

  2. Jennfier Carley says:

    I love the Handwriting Without Tears program. Both my kids used it with their Occupational Therapists. Unfortunately, I don’t have an Ipad, yet. One more reason to get one.

  3. Jamie says:

    Love this app, I just wish they would add lowercase letters.

  4. Nancy Bell says:

    Someone told me there was cursive writing in the program…?

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