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How I Set Up My Class Facebook Page

I have been getting a lot of questions about how to set up a class FB page so here is what I did…

First of all I used my personal Facebook page and created a CLOSED group. A lot of people have questions about what parents can see. The actual answer is it depends on your settings. Parents can see exactly what anyone searching your profile could see. If you have your info only available to friends (which you should) then they will only see very basic info. Adding them to your closed group DOES NOT give them access to your wall. A closed group requires people to request to join thus providing you control of who can see the content.


To start click create group on your page

When you click create the image below will pop up. Four things to do here.

1)Blue Arrow: Pick a name for your group. I picked a rather obscure name since the group name is searchable.

2)Yellow Arrow: Pick an icon for your page. This in not the profile image just the small icon on your groups list.

3)Green Arrow: Add one person to the group. I was not able to add without picking one person to start. 

4) Red Arrow: Pick Closed group. My first thought was secret but that setting requires people to be your friend before joining the group. With closed they can join w/out being your friend.

Click Create :)

Your page is created. Now make sure it is secure. Click Edit Settings
This is how I have my settings. Blue arrow is most important to me. I want to be notified any time someone posts or comments anything. Red arrow is to receive an email of that notice that someone made a post or comment. I like having both notifications to make sure I see it. Pink arrow on mine is set to always. Green Arrow: I have never had a group chat take place but I do want to know so that is checked also. Make sure to click save settings
One more important setting to check. Click Edit Group 

Make sure the box is checked with red arrow. You want everyone to require permission before joining. You can also change your group icon here, check the group security setting (open,closed,secret) and change the name of the group.

All the important settings are done. Don’t forget to change the profile image by clicking on the image next to your group name.

I recommend having someone you trust join and make them an admin. If you ever get locked or something happens you have another way to access the account. Hope this helps. If all you want is a news outlet I suggest sticking to email.  Be social and have fun. Comments or suggestions are welcome!



12 Responses to How I Set Up My Class Facebook Page

  1. Paula says:

    Thanks very much for this information. Facebook is an excellent forum for sharing of photos and videos to use in discussion. In school the moodle file limit restricts me to embedding links. I genuinely like the security control, as I thought I would have had to set up a new facebook account. Thank you!

  2. Kathy Rice says:

    Matt – your post has been so helpful! Thanks again for inspiring me to do this for my students and their parents.

  3. Scott Hutcheson says:

    thanks for the info. Fellow Aggie Class of ’94. I teach 7/8th Science in SA and coach.Looking for ways to better communicate with parents and students.Gig ‘Em

  4. Mary says:

    To Matt i’m trying to create a class group on fb, which i have but there is something wrong people can not see the join the group. Is there something i’m doing wrong? mary

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Are you using a private group? If so they can only join if they are you Facebook friends also. If you are using a closed group you should just be able to send the link or name of the page to the people. Let me know if that is the problem.

  5. Mary says:

    No i’m using open group, i saw how your one was created above but my one doesn’t show like yours can you help me Matt. I’m trying to set this up for a class group.

  6. Mary says:

    Yes this is the problem, like i said i set up a open group.

  7. K P says:

    Hi, I followed these instructions but I think they may be outdated. My parents can’t find my closed group, even though the settings are closed.

  8. sandra says:

    My apologies if I’m being redundant, but I want to make sure that if I set up a ‘closed’ group for my class using my FB account, the students cannot go into my FB page, even though they will see my picture and name from that account.

  9. jd gresham says:

    I set up a “closed group” and all is good except that the new group does NOT show up in my News Feed or anyone else’s. Do parents have to specifically GO TO the closed group page to see posts and photos I have posted? Thank you! I am looking for an easy way to post photos directly from my iphone and have them show up on our classroom closed group fb page in the News Feed of members of the closed group.

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