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Introducing Apps to the Class

I use my document camera and projector to introduce new apps to the class. Each morning when they arrive the iPad is set up with a game for them to play. I first started doing this because it encourages the kids to arrive early and unpack quickly. What I noticed is it was a great way for the entire class to watch how to play games. I am able to instruct one child on my expectations for using the app while the others watch on the projector. The kids take turns picking classmates that are sitting quietly on the carpet. This also allows me to set the expectation for how long a “turn” should. Each app is different and I make sure and point out the end of a turn. Since we always use the ipad in centers as a pair this helps with sharing during the week. Some apps I show for several days and some we just show once, it depends on how much is involved with playing it. Then the next week those apps will be in our centers.

When I first began this process of introducing apps I used an HDMI cable to connect the iPad to my projector. The reason I moved to the less “techy” document camera is because it allows my class to actually see what their friends are touching on the iPad. This really helps them learn how to play them. (pics below)

Each week I place the apps they are allowed to play on the bottom row of the ipad. I like this because they show up on every page and thus easy for the kids to find. (pictured above) The kids have access to the ipad in literacy and math stations. As I mentioned before I only let two kids at a time play on the iPad.

This is an example of the setup I had last year in the iPad center. A simple headphone jack splitter and two headphones. The headphones we have are very old but they have volume control built into the headphone and I think that is important.  This year I have ordered new headphones (w/volume control) and will post a review of those soon.



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  1. Kandi Stelling says:

    Try the reflection app-it is wireless and mirrors the iPad through the projector. Love this when showing my K-5 students a new app!!

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Kandi, the reflection app is great as well as using an apple tv to mirror the ipad. I just feel that my Kindergarten students benefit from seeing their friends finger touch the app with the document camera. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Hopefully others will try that app out in their class to mirror the iPad.

  2. I’ve used my iPad with a document camera myself, and it worked great for a simple presentation. Seemed liked a bit more portability/flexibility would be better in your situation, though, where it needs to be operated constantly. If. You jailbreak the ipad, a scen recorder app called display recorder allows you to show a pointer on the screen where it’s touched – all the time if you want, not just when recording. That. Would allow you to use hdmi/airplay and still have finger touches show clearly

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Thanks for the comment Andreas. I think for some that idea would be another great option and I appreciate you sharing. I like the simplicity of the document camera myself. Since I am teaching the kids how to use the app and showing expectations I need the child and iPad to be close to me so I don’t mind the lack of portability. I can see where your idea would be useful for other applications!

  3. thanks for the details. I just put a bunch of apps on my ipad for the class. Just got my HDMI cord today and up until now have been using the document camera to so things. I think that the difference with the HDMI vs. the document camera is if you want to show how to use the iPad or simply to show info or use an app like felt board for a lesson. I like both. I love the idea of adding the approved apps on the bottom row. So smart!!

    • Matt Gomez says:

      I have both the HDMI cable and the document camera. I do use them both but I find myself using the document camera the most. Having the apps on the bottom row has worked well for me this year, hope it works for you as well! Appreciate the comments Sharon!

  4. visualedtech says:

    KenAvision has released an iPad and Android AP for their line of document cameras and digital microscopes.

    This AP will share and annotate the images from their products among a classroom set of hand held devices.

    The AP is FREE, BUT, it only works with KenAVision products!

    John J Caprice

  5. Colleen McNamara says:

    That looks really neat. Good for you and the children.

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