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iPad 101 Video: How To Save Images to the Camera Roll

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On the last video about Skitch I had several people ask me how do I get the images onto the iPad for the kids to use. The quick 3 minute video below explains that process. Basically any image you search for in a browser can be saved to your camera roll by holding your finger on the image for a second. It takes a little practice sometimes but it does work. Let me know if you have any questions after watching the video.

9 Responses to iPad 101 Video: How To Save Images to the Camera Roll

  1. Shirley Lukenbill says:

    I understand how to save images to the camera roll on your iPad, but is there an easy way to copy them to the iPads the children? Do you place them on a class web page from which they can access the images?

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Since I only have three iPads that is not an issue for me. I load the images needed on each iPad as described in the video. If you want to get images on a lot of iPads at once you might try the Chirp app (iphone app) This allows you to share images via sound (chirps) Bump app is also another option. If you want the kids to go to a web page to download the image I would think you could use Flickr and it would work well.

  2. Shirley Lukenbill says:

    Thanks! I appreciate the information and the Apps to help to share the images using Chirp or Flicr.

  3. I would also suggest to Shirley that she may also want to use dropbox to save images across her ipads. I use 8 ipads in my room and I find this the fastest way to get the pictures accessible to all the ipads. My students are second graders but I am sure any age would easily be able to learn the process to take them out of dropbox to use. I then can go later and delete any image we are finished with and it takes them out of all the devices dropbox files. I can also use my laptop to manage as well.

  4. Jill Fisch says:

    I also add a button for the website on the home screen of my iPad and then my first graders can look for images that are copy-right friendly and free. After they find an image they want they use the same method you mentioned to save an image to the camera roll to use in other apps.

  5. Nancy says:

    Thank you so much for all the information you share with us. I don’t know how else I would learn about all of these things.

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