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iPad Headphones for Kindergarten

Update: read about the headsets for storytelling I use HERE

I recently added these headphones to my iPad center. I have struggled deciding what headphone to add because I wanted the headphone to have individual volume control and to be made for kids. These checked both of those boxes so I decided to give them a try. So far they are working great. The kids all tell me they are comfortable and have been able to use the volume adjustment without support. Given the price I think they are a good deal and plan to buy a few more at some point.


– affordable $20 on Amazon

– Child sized

– Volume Control (pictured below)

– Fun design

– Seem to be built tough enough for kids


-No size adjustment. I was worried about this but every kid in my class can fit them comfortably.

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3 Responses to iPad Headphones for Kindergarten

  1. Deb says:

    Just a thought – you might want headphones with a microphone – easier for the kids to record themselves…and actually hear what they said.

    • Matt Gomez says:

      Thanks Deb! Any recommendation on headphone with a mic? I have wondered if they will work with two headphones at a time like in my setup. Need to figure something out for #skypeplay project.

  2. Laura nabobs says:

    My kids loved these headphones! I found a bear and a panda as well. Thanks for sharing.

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