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Kindergarten Tweets with Weather Experts


My class had a unique and fun experience on twitter recently when they were able to tweet with two local weather experts. It all started when I tweeted to several news stations asking if they would be interested in tweeting with my Kindergarten class. I think reaching out to these experts on twitter is much more effective than email because the people you are looking for need to be familiar with the tool anyway. Thankfully I got a response from two news stations and I worked with them to set up the tweeting. Twitter is a great way to connect with experts because it is not time sensitive allowing them to respond whenever they have a chance. I told them my class was used to waiting for responses on twitter and that as long as they would respond within around 48 hours it would work for us. Mr. Delkus from Channel 8 in Dallas agreed and we sent him several tweets that he responded to the next day and he even responded to a follow-up question they had. Ms. Shade from NBC Channel 5 in Dallas also agreed to tweet but was willing to do a live tweet session with my class. We spent about 20 minutes sending tweets back and forth with her on twitter. You can see some of the tweets below.

After tweeting we wrote in our interactive journals and also the kids made books about weather on the iPad

The highlights for me…

* The look on the girls face when they realized one of our weather experts was a girl!

* Showing my class that you can connect with experts

* Introducing my class to people passionate about science

* My class seeing some of the technology used by weather experts

* Tracking the weather forecast Mr. Delkus gave us








3 Responses to Kindergarten Tweets with Weather Experts

  1. carole says:

    Super cool! Real life connections & application!!

  2. Miss Trayers says:

    I think this is just a wonderful way for them to make real-life connections. It also lets them see other uses for technology. Thank you for sharing this!

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