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KWL Journals with @Wonderopolis


If you follow my blog you know that I use this site every day in my class. This year we added KWL journals the second semester and it was a big hit! I recently posted about this addition over at We Are Teacher… Read about it here 


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  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m also a Kindergarten teacher and am looking to implement Wonderopolis into my daily routine. I love your idea of having it up in the morning. How long do you spend on your journals in the morning? I have a group of VERY low kiddos coming in this fall and I don’t want this to be an activity that takes more than 20 or so minutes because of my tight schedule.I also want them to be successful and not become frustrated if they can’t finish it during our tightly packed morning. Any suggestions?

  2. NG says:

    I love this idea. This is probably a silly question…but do you read the articles that accompany the video? I wasn’t sure if you focused on just the picture and the video. I have talked to some teachers who feel the Wonderopolis articles are more for upper grades because of the vocabulary.

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