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Literacy Center With Flashcard App


The Kids Flashcard app has been a favorite of mine all year. We used it often in the beginning of the year as a letter ID activity since the app will say the name of each letter when they touch it (as you can see in the picture above.) I touched the letter “Hh” so it highlighted the letter and says the letter name. This week I am using the app as a writing activity called “Draw the Picture, Write the Word.” The activity is a simple as the name. The students will find a picture they like, draw the picture and then write the word on the sheet linked below. I have always done this activity in my class with flip-books but I think this will add a fun wrinkle to the job. I like the activity because it works on vocabulary, letter ID, fine motor, writing skills and even basic spelling for kids that are ready for it. Some ways to extend the activity would be to have the kids only write words of a certain beginning or ending sound, write words in ABC order or even words that are only have a certain number of letters.

The app itself is free but there are in app purchase to get all the categories. Another feature of this app is you there are 9 different languages available. This is great for bilingual and language immersion schools!

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