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Literacy Center with Sentence Builder App


I love apps that can act as a “virtual teacher” during a center. I am not saying they take the place of a teacher but that they give feedback to the kids to enhance their learning. The Sentence Builder app is a great example ($2.99).  There are over 100 different sentences in the app and I really like that there is a basic sentence first and then it adds to that sentence on the next try (see sample screenshot below). The “feedback” part is that the app will let the kids know if they are correct or not once they finish the sentence.


As I mentioned we are using the app in a literacy center. The kids work in pairs and first build the sentence and then write the sentence on this printable. The app reads the sentence to them and they can hear the sentence again by pressing the speaker icon in the top middle of the app. One trick we learned is to wait to add the period until both kids have finished writing and drawing because adding the period finished the sentence and the app moves to the next sentence. The app will read the words to the kids or you can turn that option off to increase the difficulty. You can also move to level two which adds extra word choices and the kids have to use only the words from the correct sentence (example below.)

They are building the sentence in this picture

photo (1)

Here you can see the sentence is complete except the period so they can write it.


This is an example of using level 2 with extra words not needed in the sentence.


Here is a few of the sentences in the app. You can also create custom sentences but I have not tried that yet.


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