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Making a Website an App Icon on the iPad

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Have a great website you want your class to visit on their iPad and wish you could make the link an app on your iPad? Well you can and it is very simple. My favorite website is Wonderopolis (read more here) so the images in this post show you how to add that site but it will work for any website.

1st- Enter the website name you want in the Safari browser. Then click the icon with the rectangle and arrow (image above)

2nd- click add to home screen (image below)

3rd- Type the name you want displayed on the icon (image below)

4th- Click “add” and the app icon will be added to you iPad

Pretty easy right? I know many great websites are flash-based and not useable on the iPad. Well of course there is an app to fix that. Read about the Puffin app here

image (2)

image (1)


3 Responses to Making a Website an App Icon on the iPad

  1. Katharine (@Kathgrate) says:

    Thank you. That worked perfectly.

  2. Zoe Page says:

    Very cool, thank you Matt. In fact a huge thank you for your thoughtful app reviews with practical examples of classroom integration, one of the best sites I have seen.

  3. Nora says:

    Thank you Matt!I I was blessed with a class set of Samsung tablets this year and I am having fun with them. I am not technology savvy so I follow your lead. Not all ipad Apps are for tablets but I research and get the closet thing. You mention something, I check it out and fall in love… you are my unknown mentor!! THANK YOU!!! (I discovered you at the iteachk conference last year)

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