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Making Books With StoryBuddy2 App

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The last two weeks my Kindergarten class has been using the StoryBuddy2 app to make books in their literacy center. Yes, I know there are many other apps but I have always liked the simplicity of this app for my class (I have over 20 storytelling apps listed here) The image above is a quick reference guide I made for my class. (download the file files below). My expectation for the first book was that they had pictures and text on each page. We were learning about seeds so they were matching seed images with the plant image. Then after creating at least five pages I helped them make a title page for the book. To get the images for them to use I simply searched the internet and added the images I wanted them to use to the iPad camera roll. If you have multiple iPads those images can easily be shared between device with the Bump app or Chirp app. Another way to get images on the iPad is by creating an album on your computer and syncing the iPad (see here.) This week is the second week the kids are making books and I have given them the option of changing the background of the pages as well. The book this week has been focused on different types of weather. Some of the example books are below. Storybuddy2 also has an option for the kids to record audio on each page. They have not used that option independently yet but that will happen soon.

The finished book can be saved as an ePub or PDF. I emailed the PDF to my computer and printed the books for the kids to read. They are loving reading their books. I even emailed them to our parents so they could enjoy them at home. The PDF can also be saved to the iBooks app for them to read on the iPad.

StoryBuddy2 Quick Guide PDF

StoryBuddy2 Quick Guide .DOCX (Microsoft word so you can edit)

Click on the images below to see the entire book

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5 Responses to Making Books With StoryBuddy2 App

  1. Thanks, Matt, for sharing this app and your process. I had the original Story Buddy app and a ton of others, so you endorsing this one as being simple sold me. I went to order Story Buddy 2 and it was a free upgrade! Even better. I can’t wait to have students start making Seed books in the classroom this week. Awesome.

  2. Julie Musser says:

    Thanks again for sharing. I am extremely impressed at the students ability to put sentences together with most of the words spelled correctly. Do you have them dictate the information to you and then have them type what you have written? I am the technology teacher, not the classroom teacher and am trying to decide what the students might need to accomplish before coming to the computer lab. My kindergarten have loved using the database Pebble Go to help with research.

  3. Monica says:

    Hi Matt,
    Is there a limit on the number of books you can make on one iPad? Or once you have the app you can make one, save it to somewhere else like Google Drive, and then delete it? And do the kids need to sign in to use it? Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

  4. Angelia says:

    Hi Matt,
    I have updated the iPad software and I am having trouble finding any features to allow me to use audio on Storybuddy. Once I click on done, a feature shows up to allow me to play audio but a pop up comes up that says no audio was created and that that can be done under the creation. Any suggestions?

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