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Marble Math Jr. FREE today 11/2/12

Everyone should grab this great app. Here are a few reasons why I like it…

– The app will read the question to the child. The goal or job of each activity is not obvious. The kids must learn to listen to the directions to complete the task. This is especially great for those of us that use the NWEA MAP assessment. Listening to directions before answering is an important skill

– The kids must make a plan before starting. Many of the skills require thought. I love that they learn to plan out their answer before getting started

– Fine motor, moving the marble requires practice and fine motor skills

– Novelty, the app has many different marbles for the kids to choose. Little things like that keep kids interested in the game

– The math skills are great for early math learners

– Customize the math skills they are learning

Today the app is free. Click here to grab it! Learn more about the app here!

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