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Math Problems with Educreations App

6 Turtles   Lessons

Today we used the awesome (and FREE) app called Educreations. This is basically a whiteboard app with the ability to record the screen and the audio. We have used this for basic math facts before but today we went further in our math thinking by starting with the answer first.

In the examples below the answer was 8 turtles so the kids had to figure out a problem that would work. The kids really struggled with concept the first time but after a few kids shared their work on most of them were able to complete the task. My favorite part about using the app in this way is it allows us to share the learning with our twitter friends and parents on our blog. It is also great for review, the kids never get tired of seeing these videos because they include their friends voices.

8 Turtles Example One

8 Turtles Example Two

Using the app is very simple. I quickly found an image of a turtle with the Safari browser on the iPad and saved it to the camera roll. Then I opened that image in the Educreations app. (see below)

Photo Skitch Document


After the image is inserted into the app it is easy to duplicate (yellow arrow) Resizing is also simple by pinching in or out on the image. The red arrow show the drawing tools and the orange arrow starts the recording process. As you are recording you can continue to draw or move the images as needed. Last the “done” button (top left) will allow you to save the file. Typically when I am done I will email the link to myself for sharing.

Photo Skitch Document (1)

9 Responses to Math Problems with Educreations App

  1. Hi, Matt. Thank you for sharing great ideas. I always learn a lot from you! So… my question is Educreations or Show Me app? They look a lot alike, but is one better than the other?

  2. Shari Levitt says:

    Thank you for this amazing idea. I love it!!

  3. Amy says:

    How do you handle logging in with your students? Do they use your account? Do they each have accounts?

  4. Jenni says:

    How do you upload the educreations to kidblog?

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